Liberty Financial Management is like an elite, precision-trained search and rescue team.

When we¡¯re deployed on your behalf, we immediately insert ourselves between you and your creditors, negotiating the best possible settlement of your debt. At the same time, we help you protect and exercise your rights to be treated fairly and with respect by those creditors.

Many people don¡¯t realize that when approached correctly, most creditors will accept as little as 50%, 30%¡¦ sometimes even only 20% of your principal balance as payment in full. To them, something is better than nothing which is exactly what they¡¯ll get if you file for bankruptcy.

That¡¯s not just a reduction in your interest rate. It¡¯s actual relief the wiping away of half of your debt (or more) in a single stroke. So suddenly, the waves crashing over your head are reduced to more manageable swells. And you immediately see that there is a way back to shore.

Of course, rescue teams don¡¯t abort operations just because the weather improves. Once your debt has been reduced, Liberty establishes a repayment plan that will have you paying down that remaining principal at a rate you could never have dreamed of while you were making those minimum monthly payments.

And since your principal has been reduced, and your payments are no longer going almost exclusively to interest, many families discover that they can reduce their new, single monthly payment to a level that allows some breathing room back into their monthly budget.

So before you know it, you¡¯ll be safely back on the shores of Financial Freedom.