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At Liberty Financial Management, our mission is simple: first class business…in a first class way. In everything we do, excellence and integrity are the guiding principles. Excellence means more than 30 years of experience and knowledge that comes from solving the complexities of debt collections and debt settlement, day in and day out. We augment this knowledge with some of the boldest, most innovative thinking today. Integrity means keeping your interests front and center always and carrying out our work with your best interest in mind.

Liberty Financial Management has the best-in-class resources to provide the solutions you need to put your debt problems behind you and construct the right path for you moving forward. None of our clients intended on being in a position of financial insecurity. Job losses, declining real estate prices, and other US economic problems have put many individuals in difficult situations. We are here help and solve those financial problems with you. That is why at Liberty Financial Management we only take a limited number of clientele. Our clients have direct relationships with the partners of Liberty Financial Management and spend invaluable one-on-one time restructuring your individual financial situation and providing the strategies to help you achieve your new financial goals.
Why use Liberty Financial Management?

The decision to reach out for help is not one that’s easy to make. We understand the market dynamics of the economy of the last 5 years and know why many of our clients now need solutions for debt. As soon as your relationship with your creditors turns negative, it is time to make a change from handling these relationships on your own. You need a professional. Let us guide you in developing solutions to restructure and minimize your debt levels while not permanently damaging you credit. We know the right way to negotiate with your creditors. Nearly 30 years previously in the collections business gives us a significant advantage of knowing how and when to secure agreements with creditors to provide our clients the best possible outcomes for debt settlement.

What makes us different?

1. We provide real references. Our previous clients and current clients can validate our dedication and hard work in structuring debt settlements with nearly every major creditor.

2. We only take a limited number of new clients. Once we achieve our max capacity of 50 clients, we put any new potential clients on our waiting list. To provide first class service, we must limit our overall client base so we can effectively manage relationships.

3. We only work with clients who have at least $50,000 in unsecured debt. Our clients are professionals who have always paid their bills on time and have experienced significant financial hardships and are looking for solutions to resolve their current high debt amounts brought on by their specific hardships.

4. Most of our clients come from Certified Public Accountants or Attorneys that know our in-house CPA provides the right tax advice related to debt settlement concerns.

5. When you complete the debt settlement program it is imperative that you start a credit repair program; that is why we pay the first 3 months for you to get into the nation’s #1 credit repair program with Lexington Law the largest credit repair law firm in the US.


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