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Ed Schneider Bio

Like many of you, I believed I'd find happiness in money, cars, big homes, in all the things I could buy. Powered by a high-powered profession and big ego, I worked like a dog in my own “debt collection agency”, and, by the by, bought all of those things I assumed would make me happy, mostly on credit of course. By the time I was 40, I lived in a home in the very affluent Fairfield County. I owned two new bright red Porsche 911s and a new silver Ferrari. My small Connecticut “collection agency” had grown into one of the three largest in all of New England. Now it seemed like I had it all, along with lots of big bills and a total disdain for my job.

To keep my sanity, each day I rode my bike through the beautiful hills in Connecticut. I flew up the steepest hills, racing down the backside even when there was sleet and snow. I was unstoppable!

Then everything changed….

Thinking I had the golden business touch, I bought a golf franchise. Always self assured and even cocky - I let my ego cloud my judgment. I skipped over the business details and in the process made a huge mistake. The franchise was a complete house of cards… The business nose-dived and I found myself nearly bankrupt and left with well over a million dollars in debt!

The financial stress of not wanting to hurt my hard earned credit standing and pay back my creditors was massive and I was a wreck. I was in my late 40's with three children to feed and 20 business investors who also demanded their money.

Suddenly, I didn't have the energy to get out of bed. I was exhausted - physically, mentally, and emotionally. After years of being a tri-athlete, and a very successful business person who easily worked 14 hours a day, I barely had the energy to walk, let alone have time for my wife and children. All I was concerned about was how I was going to get out of debt and be able to buy some more toys.

Then my family fell apart…. within a very short time, I lost my brother, mother, father, and my oldest and closest childhood friend. Finally, one late night, after a very painful workday, and attempting to find a way out of the massive pile of debt, I stumbled up to my bedroom and mumbled to my wife, “The only thing that matters is you and the children. It's got to change. I need your help.” But it was too late. After almost 20 years of marriage, my beautiful wife left and filed for divorce….

I felt as though my life was a complex puzzle whose pieces had been scattered around the room, and I could not figure out how to put that puzzle together again.

I was fatigued, exhausted, and severely depressed. I looked for answers from medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists - anyone who could help me.

Finally, after many years of continuous financial and mental struggle, I read a book that let me realize something ridiculously simple but profound; being happy was a simple life choice, it wasn't about credit scores, big homes or fancy cars, but about choosing each day, each moment to live in a fulfilling, joyful and giving manner.

Karma or the WHAM of things falling in place

Suddenly, with that one choice I committed to each morning, to live a fulfilled and happy life, once again, my life started to come together. Then, soon after, while in my car listening to the radio, I heard a commercial describing a service that would allow individuals to get back on the road to financial recovery, through debt negotiations with credit card companies. Frankly, my first thought was “boy, how I wish a service like this existed years ago, it would a have saved me so much heartache”. Then WHAM, I realized that I could use my hard earned life lessons and all of the knowledge about how to collect and negotiate money for large institutions for more gratifying purposes. Now I could help individuals like myself who had gotten caught up in unforeseen circumstances or difficult times whether it be business downturns, divorce, illness, etc.

Life calling or going full circle

How ironic, that now as I approach sixty I find myself coming full circle with a sweet twist. All those years spent mastering how to collect money from individuals in order to give it to large institutions, which left me so unfulfilled, can now be used to keep money in the hands of the people who really need it. And, to me this is the ultimate fulfillment!

Today, I don't have all those fancy cars and big homes, but I have happily remarried and am back to cycling 150 miles a week, racing into the wind and more importantly now at peace with myself, and loving what I do.

My hope

My hope is I get to speak to all of my potential customers, giving me the opportunity to both grow myself and help others grow. Hopefully, these conversations will enrich all of my customer’s lives, because that is what I consider the definition of rich to be today.

Edward Schneider
Born and raised in Stamford Connecticut.
Graduated Stamford High School
Graduated from Boston University, B.S. in Business Administration



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