Medical Debt

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It is estimated that 47 million Americans do not have health insurance. It’s no question then, why so many people struggle with medical bills. Even if you do have health insurance, many times you have to fight just to get the insurance company to pay, and if they do, when? At some point everyone will inevitably have an accident or need health care whether you’re insured or not.

The bottom line is YOU are responsible should your insurance agency refuse to pay. What can one do when they become burdened by medical debt that can quickly accrue with the rising cost of that industry? The most important thing to do is to remember this is not your fault. There is no reason to feel bad, or ashamed for having medical debt. There is no way to prevent yourself from getting sick or injured unexpectedly. We are here to help, and will work tirelessly for you to eliminate medical debt, restore your financial freedom, and get you back on your feet again!

Most people would try to pay off the hospital bills themselves slowly over the course of many years, but let’s take a look at the true series of events that happen when medical bills are not paid. Many people will eventually find that making these payments will be either impossible to keep up with or a very ineffective way to eliminate medical debt. If you do decide to make these payments it might severely impose on your lifestyle, and make living comfortably unattainable.

What happens to med debt?

Once an account falls behind it will go to collections. It may take months, but it will eventually find its way to the desk of a collection agency. The collection agency will report the medical bill or hospital bill as delinquent to the three major credit reporting bureaus. Most of us would not even be aware of this unless you keep a close eye on your credit report. Once your credit score has been negatively affected by this process it can make it harder to get medical insurance or even health care in some cases. There is a solution to solve all of this, and it is the goal of Liberty Financial to assist you with this!

Introduce the idea of settling medical debt

Did you know that medical bills, from the ER, surgeries, or excessive hospital bills, can be eliminated in the same way as credit card debt? It’s true, yet very few people take advantage of this. This is the solution! Most people who get hit with a huge hospital bill after an accident don’t realize they have the right to settle, and avoid bankruptcy. Medical debt is one of the largest factors in causing personal bankruptcy, and it is holding many Americans back from the financial freedom they want and deserve.

Just like credit card debt, medical debt can be eliminated for a fraction of the amount owed, in less than 24 months in most cases. Whether you have $15,000 in medical debt, or $150,000 the process is easy for a professional team of experts such as Liberty Financial, and will have you debt free in a fraction of the time it would take to pay it off. Not only will we settle your debts for a fraction of the balance, but we will also pay for you to have your credit repaired in a credit restoration program. Take a look below at the advantages of using Liberty Financial to help you eliminate your medical debt and become debt free!

Why chose LFM to do this settlement for you

Medical debt is a very unique kind of unsecured debt that takes a very unique kind of knowledge and experience that Liberty Financial can provide to eliminate medical debt. It doesn’t play by the same rules as other unsecured debts. It has its own advantages, which Liberty Financial is extremely good at taking advantage of. In the realm of credit card debt, once you are 60-90 days behind on payments, your account is transferred to a collection agency.

Medical debt does not follow that same course of action much of the time. Most hospitals want their public relations to be good, and so they are hesitant about sending your account to collections. They get stuck in the middle of a war with themselves; blemish their reputation and send your account to collections, or keep waiting for you to pay.

It’s because of this bind the hospitals get themselves into, that we are able to achieve such fantastic settlements. Medical debt settlements are among the most successful of our settlements, sometimes reaching settlement offers in the teens! All this is possible by the relationship you share with hospitals, and the experience we have in dealing with them.


If you have medical debt please call us, let us walk you through your options. Let us help you by getting rid of your hospital bills, and medical debt. With the right knowledge it is painless to get medical debts reduced by 50-80%. We are here ready to help, ready to be the mediator between the hospitals and you. Call today and learn more about your ability to eliminate medical debt, and repositioning yourself on the road to financial freedom!



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