• Steven Friedenberg - $31,800 saved

    "I recently was in a desperate situation, having had credit card balances reaching $46,000.
    I at first contacted what I thought was a reputable debt consolidation service headed by an attorney, and they had advised me to start making payments directly to them for a term of 5 years. They said they would negotiate with the lenders and that I would in the end pay approximately 55% of the total debt. They got their payments and after three months had no communication with the collection agency representing the lenders. I left them minus the $1,600 I had already paid them. Then I was lucky enough to find Liberty Financial Services. Their program was straightforward, and more than that effective.
    In 2 months they had negotiated a settlement with the collection agency for 30.77% of the balance that I had owed, and including their fees I settled for less than half of the original amount.
    They have my sterling recommendation as to their professionalism and efficiency. I would check them out first, then the competition, and see that there really is no competition to their services

    Thank you Liberty"

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  • female Featured Liberty Client More Than $24,000 in 18 Months!

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  • Roger Gauthier - More Than $100,000 dollars of debt cleared!

    "I've cleared more than $100,000 of debt over the last 10 years. The first time it was an accident. That's how I found out everything Liberty Financial said to do was legal -- and that it worked.

    The 2nd time it took less than 7 months to clear our debt, without all the fear and worry.


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